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New Member

IME connection requirements for ASA-SSM module

I am looking into monitoring an IPS device at a remote site over the internet. I would like to install IME at my main site and have IME connect to the SSM module at the remote site over the internet.  Can anyone offer advice on the TCP ports required (is it simply tcp 443) and if this is advisable?  Any ideas on how much traffic this would generate over the internet connection?

My thoughts are that I could create a static translation on the ASA for the IP address of the management interface of the SSM module and restrict access through the ASA to my main site public IP address.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: IME connection requirements for ASA-SSM module


All you need is to open up TCP/443 for the IME to be able to successfully connect. So, you can have a static for the SSMs management IP address on TCP port 443 and put in an access-list entry to allow that traffic.

I am not really sure of how much traffic this will take up but it should not be much.

Hope this helps. let me know how it goes!!

Thanks and Regards,


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