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Inline Vlan Pair Configuration Question?

Hi,i have a Question about inline vlan pair configuration.for example if in my 6509 witch has FWSM and IDSM-2 if i want my server farm traffic(witch is vlan 2,3,4) first pass through IDSM-2 and the terminate at FWSM(interface vlan 2,3,4 has ip address in fwsm witch is default gateway of servers) is this sample configuration correct?

servers are on vlan 2,3,4

vlan 22,33,44 are for idsm-2 bridging




vlan 3


vlan 4


vlan 22

vlan 33

vlan 44


intrusion-detection module 9 data-port 1 trunk allowed-vlan 2,3,4,22,33,44

!!for fwsm in msfc!!

firewall vlan-group 1 22,33,44

firewall module 8 vlan-group 1

!!IDSM-2 Config!!!!

sensor(config-int-phy)# subinterface-type inline-vlan-pair

sensor(config-int-phy-inl)# subinterface 1

sensor(config-int-phy-inl-sub)# vlan1 2

sensor(config-int-phy-inl-sub)# vlan2 22


sensor(config-int-phy-inl)# subinterface 2

sensor(config-int-phy-inl-sub)# vlan1 3

sensor(config-int-phy-inl-sub)# vlan2 33


sensor(config-int-phy-inl)# subinterface 3

sensor(config-int-phy-inl-sub)# vlan1 4

sensor(config-int-phy-inl-sub)# vlan2 44

New Member

Re: Inline Vlan Pair Configuration Question?

no answer!!please somebody Help!! can i create for example 3 or 6 subinterfcaes for creating 3 or 6 vlan pair on gigabitethernet 0/7??

(how match subinterfcae we can create for example on gigethernet 0/7 in idsm-2)

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