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New Member

IP address for AIM-IPS-K9 Sensor

I am trying to configure an IPS sensor for the first time and need to configure an IP address. I am confused about what IP address to use. I am probably over thinking this, but does the sensor get an IP address in the same range as the GI0/1 IP address subnet or does it get a seperate range for the sensor?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Re: IP address for AIM-IPS-K9 Sensor

Follow this sequence to set up interfaces on AIM-IPS and the router:

1. Configure the IPS command and control interface on the router, and the AIM-IPS IP address, mask, and gateway using one of the following methods:

• An unnumbered IP address on the IDS-Sensor interface

Note Using an unnumbered IP address on the IDS-Sensor interface is the preferred method for configuring interfaces on the module and router.

• A routable IP address

• Default module IP address with NAT

• User-configured IP address with NAT

2. Enable the monitoring interface and specify whether it is promiscuous or inline, assign the ACL to the interface, specify how you want the router to handle traffic if the module fails, and create a monitoring ACL (optional).

3. Save the configuration.

For further information click this link.

New Member

Re: IP address for AIM-IPS-K9 Sensor

The sensor can use a IP address of another interface subnet (Using an Unnumbered IP Address Interface ) or can use another IP address subnet (Using a Routable IP Address Interface )

you can read more here

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Re: IP address for AIM-IPS-K9 Sensor

Thank you


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