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IPS 4255 and AIP SSM 20 comparison


can any one provide me the comparison between IPS Device 4255 and AIP SSM 20 comparison? i dont need the data sheets and general info , need solid differences between these two, actually i have few 4255 Devices and few AIP SSM 20 , as there is comparatively high License Cost of Device than the AIP SSM , so if i plan to replace the Device with AIP SSM then what should be impact on performance and other measures. i am using IPS for internal network not for public network so there is not much public traffic on network. waiting for timely response.


Cisco Employee

Re: IPS 4255 and AIP SSM 20 comparison

The 4255 supports up to at 600 Mbps. The AIP SSM-20 can do 375-500Mbps.

The AIP is used within an ASA which makes it more flexible. A disadvantage of the AIP is that it can cause ASA failovers if it fails within the ASA. One more concern could be troubleshooting in case of failure since it is not a standalone device and interoperates with the ASA (they are pretty stable so that is not a big concern).

For an inline 4255 it can be a single point of failure in case it dies which will no happen with AIP.

So it all depends on cost, traffic requirements and high availability requirements.

I hope it helps.


New Member

Re: IPS 4255 and AIP SSM 20 comparison

Dear Pkampana

First of all thanks for your reply, i know these aspects, also the SSM goes in bypass mode if analysis engine fails due to anyreason, basically i have few 4255 box and few SSM 20 , there is big difference in Cost and License cost of these two , i want to know the techinical difference between two but unable to get a good comparison .



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