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IPS 5 in IOS 12.4.11T

I just upgraded my IOS to 12.4.11T and now I can't use SDM-2.34 to administer IPS anymore. Apparently it doesn't work with IPS 5. Can I just download IDM as a CCO user? I haven't been able to find it.


New Member

Re: IPS 5 in IOS 12.4.11T

IPS5 under IOS really is best configured from the command line at the moment. There is a nice tech doc describing how to do it (just look under release notes/new features to get the link).

The next version of SDM is supposed to support configuration of IPS, but my memory is that it wont be released until April.

Going forward, if you have more than 5 boxes running IPS, you'll probably want to use Cisco Security Manager 3.1 which also should be released soon.

Also, to be fair, there are alot of stability issues with the 12.4.11T stuff so be careful that it's worth deploying in your case before investing the effort.

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Re: IPS 5 in IOS 12.4.11T

Thanks! ...I'll look for the article. Luckily, I only have one 12.4.11T system and it's a home machine.

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