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IPS Load monitoring using SNMP

Since CPU is always 100% now in v6.x/v7.x - is anyway to monitor the system load (reported in IDM/IME) using SNMP?

What counter can be a good indicator for system upgrade that can be monitored using SNMP?


Re: IPS Load monitoring using SNMP

The sensors have dual CPUs (or are dual core). The first CPU frequently reports 100%, but the second CPU shows a variable CPU range, when both hit 100% you're in trouble.

Monitoring both via SNMP should be easily achieved. The sensors follow the standard host MIB.

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Re: IPS Load monitoring using SNMP

Currently you can not query IPS senor load via SNMP, there is a feature request out for it.

If you want to monitor load right now you can write a script that logs into the sensor and preforms a "show statistics virtual-sensor | i Load"

This is a snapshot, and I believe the GUI provides an average.

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Re: IPS Load monitoring using SNMP

I was incorrect in stating you can watch that statistic for the load level. The command I gave you just displays "value is a measurement of how much of the CPU/Processor is being used by traffic inspection." -Cisco

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