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IPS Services for ASA5512-X

Hi, I already have an ASA5512-X and would like to implement IPS. I'm aware of the license needed, however I cannot find anything that says if I need the subscription service. The IPS bundle says it includes the service, but there seems to be a contract number for the 5512-X IPS service. Do I need to purchase the IPS Services or will the IPS license include as such.

Thanks in advance


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Are you asking if the IPS

Are you asking if the IPS portion can be enable with out a subscription?


I am not sure if this answers your question but the 5512-x that I manage was purchased with the CX/IPS license for x-years of updates.


If it makes a difference I also used to manage a 5510 with the IPS module with no subscription. It always bothered me because that is like running an antivirus software with no updates.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I'm


Thanks for the reply. I'm fully aware of the subscription needed for updates on the First Gen ASA's. I see the correlation, it would bother me too.

I know the license unlocks the IPS features, but am not sure about the updates. Thanks for the info on the license. 

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Please see my answer in this

Please see my answer in this related thread.

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I would personally recommend

I would personally recommend that you go with Sourecire. The legacy Cisco IPS was just announced EOL/EOS and I would not be surprised if CX comes next. Cisco is not going spend R&D $$$ for two products that perform very similar functions. 


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