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IPS Signature Definition / Virus Update

Hello everyone,

I just completed a signature update to S307.0 on the ASA-SSM-10 and I noticed that the virus Update has the following...Virus Update V1.2 2005-11-24

Does anyone know how I go about updating the Virus Update?

I can't seem to find any information on it. Is this where it should be?

Thanks for your help,


Cisco Employee

Re: IPS Signature Definition / Virus Update

That is the latest version.

The V signatures are created by Trend Micro Systems when a major virus/worm outbreak occurs and an emergency update is needed.

The V update could then be deployed through a Cisco ICS management server.

But, there has not been a major emergnecy outbreak in the past 2 years that has required a special V signature update.

Instead any signatures for virus/worms in the past 2 years have just been included as part of the standard signature update process and been included in our standard S signature levels without the need for special emergency updates.

Often the vulnerability was already detected by a standard S signature update before the virus/worm began spreading.

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