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IPS Signature Update Support on MARS?


Is it possible to update MARS to understand and process the latest/greatest release version of IPS signatures we have deployed to our production sensors? All I have been able to find so far are the periodic update packages released as software downloads for MARS, the most recent example being the csmars- update. I have to believe I'm missing something something here.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.



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Re: IPS Signature Update Support on MARS?

Unfortunately, no!

MARS gets its understanding of the signatures through patches. In every patch is mentioned which IPS signature supports.

I think this would be changed in latest upgrades to both the IPS engine and the MARS', although not sure when.

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Re: IPS Signature Update Support on MARS?

That's what I was afraid of. I have to hope that they address this soon; we've been using VMS for years and have grown used to having signatures understood as soon as they are updated. Interestingly we also run a 3rd party SIM that tends to run about a week behind Cisco's signature release to the time they (3rd party SIM vendor) release their pattern update to support the latest Cisco signatures...

Thanks for the answer!




Re: IPS Signature Update Support on MARS?

breaking out the soapbox...

Cisco has had this product now for a couple years, I wouldn't hold your breathe on this.

Cisco has a (IMHO) ridiculous hack in IPS V6 software that includes the Mars category in the alarm. I expect at some point the CSMARS will probably support it. I have more issues with this design, but primarily I'm afraid it will be used as an excuse not to "do the right thing" with respect to sig updates.

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