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Community Member

IPS signature updates on

Hey! I recently got an email informing me that as of 4/3/2009, IPS signature update 391 is available. But when I check the FTP server, the newest one is 384. What gives? Have the updates moved to a new directory on the server?

I'm checking in /cisco/ciscosecure/ips/6.x/sigup like usual.

Cisco Employee

Re: IPS signature updates on

The downloads of IPS files have changed.

To download files manually you need to go through the supported download website.

It was unknown at the time of the change that users had been directly accessing the FTP server. When the download methods changed, the main download page was modified to point to the new location.

It was assumed that users were either accessing files through the main download page and would see the notifications that were posted on that page. OR that users were using CSM (or the sensor itself) for automatic downloads, and the automatic downloads used an internal API that was dynamically modified to point to the new locations.

Direct access to an FTP server for downloading the files is not supported, and users will need to go through the download web site.

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