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New Member

IPS v5 in Cisco 1841 drives cpu to 100 percent

I tried today to upgrade my 1841 Adv Security from 12.4.6T7 using sdf v4 files to the newer v5 12.4.11T3. All went well with the initial config, three basic signatures activated. I used the v296 pkg file for the latest signatures.

When I tried to copy the pkg to the idconf, the router goes to 100 percent utilization and stays there til I reboot it. None of the additional signature engines activate, no matter how long I wait for it to compile them.

Any hints on why this is happenning? This is my first go at the new v5 format files.

Thanks, Jeff

New Member

Re: IPS v5 in Cisco 1841 drives cpu to 100 percent

Hi Jeff,

This is due to a bug being investigated. Please load 12.4.11T2 image, delete all the xml files

created on the flash (root or ipsconfig location

if configured), and follow the procedure outlined at

If your router has 256MB memory, in step 4.4, you may replace the command

"category ios_ips basic" with the command

"category ios_ips advanced".

If you change actions of signatures or unretire any other category, due to another bug, reloading will take about 8-10 minutes with high CPU but router prompt should come back after that.

Since I don't follow this forum, pls send your

subsequent messages on this issue to and CC


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