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Lifespan of CSA hosts in "Hosts" table when off-network?

It's my understanding that if a workstation with CSA has been off-network, which is to say it hasn't called home to the Management Center for a period of time, the MC will eventually delete it from the "Hosts" list. Is this correct? Can anyone tell me the time period involved?

Long story short, in our company, each laptop is assigned an RSA token and has CSA installed. I can prove through obvious mechanisms I have 'X' number of tokens, but my CSAMC only has about 90% of that 'X'. I know I have travelling sales/roadwarriors that leave the network and don't come home for upwards to 6 months some times.

I was wondering if anyone could help me identify how long a device remains in the "Host" table when it has been away from the Management Center. Thanks in advance.


Re: Lifespan of CSA hosts in "Hosts" table when off-network?

If it isn't active for 30 days, the MC moves it to the recycle bin and doesn't show up with the rest of the hosts.

The info is still stored on the MC in case it does show up again. You have to purge the recycle bin to delete the old host info permanently.

The doumentation says it will purge hosts from the recycle bin 30 days after they are moved there.

The recycle bin says they will be purged 30 days after their last poll.

I'd go with the first one...


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