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MARS global local conversion

I have two local and one global MARS system. All are 200's

I would like, for a short period of time, to degrade or change the global to a local....I know I have to purge the local controllers of Global stuff.

QUESTION IS:When I re-image with the latest and greatest version from DVD;to make a local out of a i going to have and issue with the key that is currently on the Global when I use it for the "new" local I just made from the DVD?


Re: MARS global local conversion

Once you re-image the Global Controller with the latest image you will need to re-install the license. This operation destroys all data and installs a new image.

Write down your license key before you re-image the appliance. You must provide this license key during the initial configuration following the re-image operation.

Hope this helps.

Community Member

Re: MARS global local conversion

question? after re-image, does the license key determine if the system is going to be a local or global controller...

Can i choose local or global before the license key is entered?


Re: MARS global local conversion

The license key does not determine whether the MARS box is a Local or Global controller. You may take your pick before you enter the license key.

Hope this helps.

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