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Multipel VLAN groups separated by FWSM in 6500

I have two groups of VLANs in MSFC in 6500. For example;

Group 1: VLAN 10,11,12,13

Group 2: VLAN 20,21,22,23

I want to allow inter vlan communication

between the VLANs within the group, but not between the groups. I want to use FWSM for inter-group traffic , for example group 1 to group 2.

Is this possible ?

Community Member

Re: Multipel VLAN groups separated by FWSM in 6500

The FWSM does not include any external physical interfaces. Instead, it uses VLAN interfaces. Assigning VLANs to the FWSM is similar to assigning a VLAN to a switch port; the FWSM includes an internal interface to the Switch Fabric Module (if present) or the shared bus.


Re: Multipel VLAN groups separated by FWSM in 6500

The answer you are looking for is, yes. The FWSM will route or bridge between VLANs.

You might be better off asking Firewall questions in the firewall forum,that where all the firewall experts hang out. We're just a bunch of IPS folks in here.

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