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NME-IPS-K9 Licence

Hi everybody, please  need your help;

I have this  message  when I session into the module:


There is no license key installed on the NM-IPS.

The system will continue to operate with the currently installed

signature set.  A valid license must be obtained in order to apply

signature updates.  Please go to

to obtain a new license or install a license.

Is this means that after buying the module, we must buy also a new licence?

if yes please what is the precedure.

thank you in advance

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NME-IPS-K9 Licence

Yes,  in order to apply new signatures (and sensor software updates) you need a "Services for IPS" Smartnet contract.

The part number varies by service level (8x5 next business day, 4 hour response, 2 hour response etc)

but the 8x5 Next Business Day part number is: CON-SU1-NMEIPSK9

This covers hardware replacement, software updates and signature updates for the term of the contract.

The message is correct however, in that it will continue to operate with the current signatures.   You can also get a trial license to use until you get the smartnet contract.

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