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New Member

ntp error

Could someone please explain the following error?

When I enable NTP server from our VMS 2.1 server and then deploy the configuration to the 4.1.4 s187 sensor, I receive the message to indicate a failure.

Starting to Deploy...

No modifications needed for sensor configuration file AnalysisEngine .

No modifications needed for sensor configuration file AlarmChannel .

No modifications needed for sensor configuration file VirtualSensor .

No modifications needed for sensor configuration file NetworkAccess .

ids4jmo: Error while pushing files to the sensor java.lang.Exception: An exception occurred during deploy, detail=errSystemError: Could not run ntpdate utility. Fatal Error has occurred. Node MUST be rebooted to enable alarming.


Re: ntp error

Better you can update with the patch, If you havent' had change to update the patch, please go ahead and apply 4.1.4f patch.

Cisco Employee

Re: ntp error

I would recommend upgrading to 4.1(5). The NTP error means that the ntp server is either not running or there is a connectivity issue between the sensor and NTP server or NTP config on the sensor is incorrect. If you need to change the NTP config data on the sensor, you must first remove the NTP config. Reset the sensor. Then add the new NTP config. This workaround is necessary due to a bug in the way the NTP config is applied to the sensor.

New Member

Re: ntp error

I found out (the hard way) that it is exactly as you have said. I first -ssh to the sensor and the ran the setup program again at the prompt to enable ntp server. I then saved the configuration and then after that it worked. Thanks for the help

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