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OS Version -vs- IPS Version ??

Sorry for the newb question but I'm in a new job and am having trouble grasping some basic Cisco IPS Concepts.

When I do a show ver I see the OS Version being 2.4.30-IDS-smp-bigphys and the IPS Version being 7.0(1)E3.

Could someone please explain the difference ? It appears the IPS version is fairly recent but I am clueless on the OS Version. I cant seem to find upgrades to the OS Version either.

I'm use to .bin files where it's mostly one in the same.



New Member

Re: OS Version -vs- IPS Version ??

I believe that the "OS Version" refers to the under-lying *nix that runs the box and the "IPS Version" refers to the version of the IPS application.  Kind of like Windows XP is my OS and Firefox 3.6.8 is the application that I'm using.

Re: OS Version -vs- IPS Version ??

Hello jickfoo,

terrygwazdosky is correct. Updating the OS version is not a task that is part of the IPS upgrade procedure, and will be handled transparently through IPS updates.

The updates applied to the IPS via a file from are currently limited to IPS application updates and IPS signature updates. Updating the IPS signatures will sometimes require an update to the IPS signature engine, which will be apparent from the signature update package file name. For more information, see:

Thank you,
Blayne Dreier
Cisco TAC Escalation Team

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