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root recovery on a 4210

We have a 4210 IDS that we are trying to setup for lab purposes. The root password has been lost. On the Cisco down load area there is instructions on what file to reimage the appliance,... my question is most of these suggestions are based around booting from a CDrom.

the image needed to recover the 4210 is


how do I turn this file into a bootable CD? sorry I am not a unix guru!

New Member

Re: root recovery on a 4210

Hi shaun:

Tell me if you want to recover the password o re-image the sensor.

Can you interrupt the boot process with crtl-R?

Alberto Giorgi from spain

New Member

Re: root recovery on a 4210

Hi Alberto,

I would like to re-image the sensor to 4.1.

Cntrl R does nothing and to to anything worthwhile you need root 9which I don't have).

Since I don't have a boot CD I need to create my own.

Since Cisco has End of Life'd this product I will have to make my own boot CD from their image database. making the boot CD is what I need advise with.


Cisco Employee

Re: root recovery on a 4210

You can not make a boot CD from the standard files on

If your sensor is currently running version 3.x, then you will need to order a new 4.x upgrade CD. If you do not have a service contract on the sensor, then you will need to purchase the upgrade CD as well as purchase a new service contract.

If your service contract is still active, then the upgrade CD can be ordered through the Product Upgrade Tool at no additional charge.

If your sensor is currently running version 4.x, then the upgrade CD is not needed. Attach a Monitor and Keyboard to the sensor. Power the sensor Off and back On. Watch the bootup sequence very closely. During bootup you should see a GRUB menu with 2 options. The first and default option is to boot into the Application partition which is the partition where the sensor normally boots and where IDS monitoring is done. BUT you could select the 2nd option. The 2nd option is for the Recovery Partition. Booting to the Recovery Partition will cause the sensor to reformat the Application Partition, install a new Application Partition, and then reboot into the new Application Partition. Once the final reboot is complete you can login with the default "cisco" userid and "cisco" password.

NOTE: If you don't see the GRUB menu with the monitor and keyboard, then connect to the console serial port of the sensor. The bootup menu may have been configured for viewing through the serial port.

This is documented as a NOTE in the CLI Config Guide:

Note If you cannot access the CLI to execute the recover application-partition command, you can reboot the sensor and select the option during the bootup process. This enables you to boot to the recovery partition and reimage the application partition.

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