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secure server to server transactions with IDSM2 in Multiple VLAN groups!!!!

Hi guys ,

After securing one of our clients datacenters with many security devices and policies (like FWSM,ACE,IDSM2s ...) I found out that we have some problems with our server's owners . for example they tunnel to their servers ( legitimately )but after that they have layer2 access to other servers that resides in the same zone as theirs . the servers need to work with each other and i couldn't put them in different zones !

i was thinking about using IDSM2 with configuring VLAN groups ,I test it but it didn't work !

i wanted to put every server that reside in the same zone in different VLAN and bridge them with IDSM2 ,in this way I would be sure that server to server traffic in the same zone would be passed through IDSM2 .

I mean 

Server 1 -----> Vlan5 -----> IDSM2 ---------> VLAN6 -------> Server 2

Server 1 -----> Vlan5 ------>IDSM2---------->VLAN8---------->Server 4

I think IDSM2 doesn't support VLAN groups!

Does any one have any idea ?


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