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SNMPv3 on Cisco IPS module

Hi All, 


I have been trying to make SNMPv3 work on IPS module on our ASA 5525 but having following issue, 

- Cannot find the snmpv3 configuration on the IPS GUI interface Even though conf document said you can do it from GUI from version IPS 7.2(2)E4 and later, I have attached the document as well. 

- secondly I configured it via command line but the problem is when I removed the version 2c configuration, it does not pull any snmp info and when I turn on the snmpv2 then i get the snmpv3 information, i have no idea whats going on? or seems like a bug ? 


- disabling the version 2 means, I delete the snmp v2c communities and host to use version 3. 


Please let me know if you have any idea about that because I cannot do the upgrade straightway, which may resolve the issue.

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