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tcp resets in passive mode

I know the resets are done by the sensor, not the PIX or router.

Is it possible if my IDS 4235 is working in passvie mode not inline to reset tcp sessions..? If yes than please explain how it does..


Re: tcp resets in passive mode

It is possible. Normally the sensor will send resets out the same sensing interface the traffic was detected on. If it's a hub you're using, it should just work. If it's a switch, it depends on the capabilities of the switch. Refer to the documentation for your switch as to whether it can be configured to allow ingress traffic. Here's an example for the Cisco 2950.

New Member

Re: tcp resets in passive mode

i think it is not possible to sending tcp RST via sensor that connected to a SPAN port in Catalyst 29xx , 3550 , 3560 , 3750 becuase regarding the SPAN put the port just in ingress mode (no traffic can leave the interface).in higher-level catalyst switched like 65xx , you can use packet capturing done by CLASS-MAP / POLICY-MAP so it can let you have both RX/TX traffic.


Re: tcp resets in passive mode

The only switch I've tested the TCP RST functionality on is a 2950. It worked fine.

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