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unable to access IDSM-2

Hi Friends

Iam unable to access IDSM-2 via internet explorer where in i can telnet to the sensor... i could login using internet explorer earlier... but from last few days iam facing issues... when i try to access the sensor with internet explorer it will ask for the username then tries to load the configuration .. and through the error as follows

error connecting to sensor. Failed to load sensor-

errSystemError-ct-sensorApp.554 not responding, please check the system processes - The connect to the specified lo::ClientPipe failed

Exiting IDM

Please help me.




Re: unable to access IDSM-2

Our experience with Cisco sensors is that a reboot is called for frequently; especially if the SensorApp process dies (which could be for any number of reasons). Without sensorApp running, you are dead in the water so reboot it, login as a service account and check for a core file in the directories under /usr/cids/idsRoot/core; if this occurs often you may want to open a TAC and attach that core dump.

Community Member

Re: unable to access IDSM-2

This tends to happen more so when the CIDS is having memory trouble. As ATTMIDSTREAM mentioned, going into the service account is a good means of troubleshooting. If you still have access that is. If you find that you do, check that status of the sensor app with the following: "ps -Al | grep sensorApp " and if you find it is not simply do the following " /etc/init.d/cids restart " This will actually provide you the ability to restart the sensor without taking down any traffic.

I hope this assists

***EDIT*** You're running the IPS in your switch, so you wouldn't need to worry about downtime either which way. My comments for restarting the cids really help those with physical devices more so. But, it will still accomplish what you need in the end.

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