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Unable to access IPS-4260 through IDM & HTTPS


I am facing problem in accessing IPS through web & ASDM/IDM. I can even telnet port 443 on IPS from my PC. Just to let you guys know that I am able to access all other IPS in our network using the same browser & IDM.

I have checked all JAVA related pre requisites but atill not able to access the IPS.

Note: I have even tried the following

1. Changing default port.

service web-server

port 1111

2. Connecting PC directly to the IPS

Note: ssh & console access are working fine.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.



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Re: Unable to access IPS-4260 through IDM & HTTPS

Hi Akhtar,

Which browser in which version are you using? If it's IE, please make sure, that you have added the sensor to the "Trusted Sites" in IE. You also need to allow pop-up windows for IDM to load.

If the above doesn't solve the issue:

- What error message/output do you get in your browser when trying to connect to the IPS (screenshot would be helpful)?

- What output do you get when you telnet to the IPS IP on port 443?

- Can you try another browser?

- Please collect packet captures using Wireshark to see, if the IPS is responding to your browser at all.

Best regards,


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Re: Unable to access IPS-4260 through IDM & HTTPS

If your getting a certificate error when connecting check the time and date are set up correctly on the IPS

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