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upgrade test bed


I am planning to upgade from CSA 5.1 to CSA 5.2..

Can you please tell me if i upgrade to 5.2 will i be able to have both the versions side by side like all machines with 5.1 continue to work.. and i should be able to work with few machines ( for test purposes) and then go for complete migration..

and for that i dont have to reintall agent.. right ?


Re: upgrade test bed

Yes, you can have both MCs running side by side on the same system.

You'll have a choice of which MC to log in to on the login screen.

All machines with 5.1 will continue to report to the 5.1 MC.

You schedule a software upgrade on the 5.1 MC to move them to 5.2 and you don't have to restart the hosts if you don't want to (but they must restart to get the new agent).

Once all hosts are migrated, you can uninstall 5.1 from the server.

Hope that answers your questions.


New Member

Re: upgrade test bed

after importing the hosts with commandline tool to MC 5.2 and then generating the rules , I need to issue an update from agent 5.1 and the agent kit to be used should be of 5.2 (new generated one ) and after the install the agents will report to 5.2 right ?

also is there a way i can only migrate a few selected hosts .. like currently we are running 300 hosts, so can i migrate around 50 hosts and monitor them for a week and see if all works well i can go ahead and migrate all.

Thanks for you help


Re: upgrade test bed

Host migration can be accomplished by scheduling a 5.2 software upgrade on the 5.1 MC.

Create a group called 52upgrade, put any hosts you want to migrate in there and schedule the software upgrade with the 5.2 agent kit for that group.

After they install that, they will report to the 5.2 MC

You can migrate as few or as many as you like.


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