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Using ASDM 6.0 Usage Status

Hey, I have the fancy pie chart showing usage source and destination. I found it nice to be able to label the IP but ..

1) I want to label an IP range not just specific IP's (maybe 100's of IP's in range and don't want to do it 100 times)

2) I know at least 4 - 5 of the top 10 usage so I was thinking of how to exclude certain IP's from this usage chart?

3) Can I display more then the top 10 usage IP's, say the 11th or 20th, and can this be done through the CLI.

I really appreciate answers, as I'm at the mercy of the wolves with this nice device. I am actively trolling the forums and reading articles but hope for something with this post.



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Re: Using ASDM 6.0 Usage Status

Hey, I got a CLI reference book and try looking up how to display the usage (like the top 10 usage statistics chart). I want to see the whole list of IP's rather then the chart. Or even how to have some IP's exempt from the pie chart.

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Re: Using ASDM 6.0 Usage Status

Doing a self update:

There is no way to exclude particular IPs from the Pie chart. Boooo! So far we have 6 ips now that are regular so this will not be very useful because for our organization we know and accept anything particular IP's throw at us. It's the unknown that are mostly interesting. There is a CLI command 'show treat-detection statistics top host' which shows the same thing as the pie chart, so gotta figure out how to show more then 10 in the CLI or how to exclude (which appears unlikely).


Re: Using ASDM 6.0 Usage Status

Have you tried writing an Event Action Filter to remove the signature hits caused by those addresses?

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