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Virus Update

when I run show config for my IPS. I noticed that their is a Virus update. Can someone tell me what this is. I have not been able to find an explaination of this anywhere.



Re: Virus Update

The virus information actually relates to the Cisco Incident Control System (CICS) device which uses trend for the latest

virus update information.

The Cisco Incident Control System (ICS) prevents new worm and virus outbreaks from affecting businesses by enabling the network to rapidly adapt and provide a distributed response.

Because the time that it takes a worm or virus outbreak to spread around the world has decreased from days to minutes, a proactive response within minutes after an outbreak-regardless of its location-is necessary to help ensure the safety of business networks. The Cisco ICS solution meets that need by delivering a networkwide defense within minutes of an outbreak anywhere on the globe. Using TrendLabs' global monitoring capability, Cisco ICS collaborates with existing Cisco network and security devices to rapidly distribute worm and virus immunization capabilities throughout the network. This fast, proactive approach prevents worms and viruses from becoming entrenched, thus helping ensure network availability and decreasing the costs associated with damage cleanup.

The primary features of the system include:

? Use of up-to-the-moment threat intelligence, as provided by Trend Micro, an industry-leading expert in antivirus and worm mitigation

? Rapid response, enabling proactive prevention of worms and viruses

? Empowering existing Cisco network and security devices to adapt in real time for a coordinated networkwide response

? Detailed control of how Cisco ICS mitigation policies are deployed in the business network:


Re: Virus Update

Has this feature ever done anything for anyone?


Re: Virus Update

It has caused upgrade headaches........

So no, this hasn't done anything beneficial and won't unless you pay for it.

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