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VMS SecMon2.2 SP2 zeros out report counts

I have two identical VMS 2.3 servers, with all current OS and VMS Patches applied. When the SecMon 2.2 Service Pack 2 is applied, all the generated reports "Count" field (the number of instances a particular signature fired) shows a value of ZERO. In my case the Service Pack was applied at two different times, and I can generate reports showing this problem occurs once the SP is applied. Has anyone found a solution to this problem, or is there any way to back this SP out of SecMon?

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Re: VMS SecMon2.2 SP2 zeros out report counts

I have a TAC ticket on this pending, but the engineer has been out and hasn't replied since I "proved" to him via Ciscoworks module information that I actually *DO* have the Sp2 installed...

If I hear anything, I'll keep you posted.



Re: VMS SecMon2.2 SP2 zeros out report counts

Thanks for the confirmation Nick. TAC told me nobody else reported this issue...(it was fun giving them your case number).

Cisco was able to verify that is indeed a problem with SecMon SP2. There is a patched file that corrects this problem, but I'd expect a new version of SP2 out soon (I hope).

BTW any data SecMon stores while the bad SP2 is installed will forever make those day's reports contain zero counts. So sorry.

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Re: VMS SecMon2.2 SP2 zeros out report counts

No problem whatsoever; I was able to use YOUR tac case to get them to confirm the bug and get a copy of the replacement receiver.exe that you tried.

I just installed it a few minutes ago, so we'll see if it works for tomorrow morning or for the next days reports...

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