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vs0 interface problems

Can anybody help, I can't get my sniffing interface to work. I can manually set it by doing the ifconfig xxx up, but it won't remain and does not seem the to be the right solution. I have the following error below, any help is appreciated.

Modify system clock settings?[no]:

Modify virtual sensor "vs0" configuration?[no]: yes

Error: getAnalysisEngineStatistics : Control transaction cannot be completed at this time

Error: AnalysisEngine is not running, setup can be completed but the system must be reset for normal operation to continue.

No changes were made to the configuration.

MY platform is IDS-4235 running version 5.1 code


Re: vs0 interface problems

Your error message is telling you the analysis engine is not running. You can get it running again by resetting the sensor or by restarting the services.

To reset sensor

1. Type reset and follow prompts OR log into service account and type reboot (must su to root first)

To restart services (best option because doesn't require taking sensor down)

1. Create service account (username service password service privilege service)

2. Log into service account

3.SU to root (retype service password)

4. Run the following command /etc/init.d/cids restart

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Re: vs0 interface problems

Thanks for the quick reply,

I have reset and rebooted the server a few times as I was troubleshooting this, all with the same results.....anything else I can try.

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