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which IDS/IPS module for 10 GB WAN/LAN

I have a question about present scenario in a network where the wan connectivity is 4 GB and Lan network is 10 GB. The firewall for the WAN is cisco 5580-20 with 10 GB ethernet interface and on the LAN 6500 series switch with 10 GB ethernet module. The issue about how to implement IPS in this network. Because cisco 5580 series firewall doesn't support any IPS module even 6500 series switch support IDSM-2 module. But only for 2 GB ethernet module. So what can be the solution for such a network?

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Re: which IDS/IPS module for 10 GB WAN/LAN

On a machine that can do 10Gb firware rate, it is well advisable to have your IDS/IPS to be a separate box.  IDS/IPS "cost" alot of CPU power.  It gets more expensive when you are talking about pushing beyond 1Gb.  This is why you'll find several forums stating that if you have a firewall with 10Gb speed, separate IDS/IPS is the way to go.  Otherwise, a firewall with IDS/IPS will not necessarily push 10Gb all together.

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