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10 second Voicemail


Once and awhile when leaving a user a voice mail Unity will cut out in aprox 10 seconds and ask ?if you would like to send this message please press (key number)?, giving you no time to actually leave a message.

It usually stops on the second try.

I have 32 voice ports on Unity and rarely see them go above 10.

Anyone else experience this?

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Re: 10 second Voicemail

The only thing i know in Unity, there is a limit you can set on the Number of seconds a message can be. Have you checked that? That's all I can think of. I think by default it is 5 minutes. I changed these to 2 minutes because I don't want people to leave long messages.

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Re: 10 second Voicemail

Yes, it is set for 300 seconds.

it is a very strange problem.

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Re: 10 second Voicemail

Similar issue here as well:

I have a h323 gateway in Mexicali, the unity server is in Tustin Commons, CA. When a person calls in thru the Mexicali gateway, they start leaving a message and after 10 seconds it cuts them off with the message that plays after it thinks there is silence. In the event log it says that the message was stopped because of silence. It is like there is no voice path to the unity server, but from the unity server to the gateway there is. Something strange I found was if I call in thru that gateway I can press digits to retrieve voicemails and do other things, but when I try to record a message after that it fails after 10 seconds, like it is hearing silence. It's like there is a path for the digits, but no path for the voice. Im trying to work with TAC, any other help would be appreciated.



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Re: 10 second Voicemail

This thread is a little bit older, but i ran in the same issue.

I use 2 Unity Connection 7.0.2-10000 with one Callmanager Cluster 6.1.4.

It is strange, i can record a voice message on one Unity without any problem and on the other Unity after 10 seconds i get the greeting and she ask: if you would like to send this message.... and so on...

Has anyone solved the issue in the past?

It is very urgent!!



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Re: 10 second Voicemail

I saw this once with 79x5 hardware. On the early firmware there was a bug that incorrectly sent DTMF tones randomly and killed the message recording. Man did that throw me for a loop at first.

Another possible cause is Unity is detecting silence and timing out the message.

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