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1751V - dsp crash

Hi All

I've had an open tac case for a few months now with not much progress - so i thought i'd ask if anyone else has come accross this issue on a 1751V cme system.

I have a 1751V with 1 vic2-fxo and a 4 channel dsp, 4 sccp handsets and 2 sip handsets. cme is v4.0.1 with various IOS versions loaded all of which do same thing:

1) reboot router, make call using fxo ports - works fine in and out.

2) Make a call from sip handset to sccp and answer call, then hang up

3) Try fxo ports again and they will not work. Console will show message "host unable to transmit packets to dsp 0"

Only thing that works is a reboot.

It's not just sip handsets, it's ANY sip dial-peer, handset, trunk etc. so I can't use external trunks for my calls!

As I said TAC have been invistigating this for a while - just wondered if I'm the only one to have this issue?

I've tried new DSPs, New Memory, New FXO, and a different router - all have same problem.

Thanks in advance

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Re: 1751V - dsp crash


firmware for the phones ?

Any reason for using SIP on some phones ?

Can you use SCCP on all instead ?

Have you asked TAC to escalate and try to reproduce the problem ?

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Re: 1751V - dsp crash


I am experiencing the same problem with a 1760 router with 2 port FXO card. I can make a single call out of the FXO card with a 7960(skinny). If I try to make a second call, my FXO port blinks a green light at me then hangs up. Did you ever find a resolution to your problem?


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