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2 partitions in ccm 5.0


going through cisco documentation for callmanager 5.0 and it says that be default it creates 2 partitions(active, inactive) so that an upgrade can be done without disruption. My question is when i do the initial intall, does it install the callanager version on both partitions simulatanreously or do i have to install the ccm 5.0 two times? also can i use a command line command to tell it to boot from a different partition the next time?



Re: 2 partitions in ccm 5.0

I dont' think you need to install twice.


Re: 2 partitions in ccm 5.0

CCM install populated both partitions and replicated the database to the inactive partition.

I forgot the CLI command to switch. It's in the GUI under OS Administration. This post has some more information on the partitions and upgrades.

Cisco Employee

Re: 2 partitions in ccm 5.0

when you do the 1st time install the HDD is partitioned in active and inactive

on 1st time installations all the job gets done on the active partition and nothing is in the inactive partition

you don't need to install anything twice

when you do an upgrade or install a patch the job gets done on the inactive partition, once you reboot the server switch the partitions

this gives you the option to rollback to the previous version.

if by any chance you upgrade/patch a 3rd time then the 1st installation which is in the inactive partition at this point is overwriten and so on

i don't recall the CLI command, tomorrow i can look it up at my server but in the OS administration you also have the switch partition option

hope this clarifies this for you



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