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2801 IPIPGW with H323 and TDM GW


I have the following situation.

A CCM4.2 using a 2801 as GW. The 2801 is used to connect to PSTN and as a IPIPGW to H323 SP. The CCM has as a H323 GW for PSTN connections and as intercluster non-gk trunk for connection to the H323 SP. I also have an interface on the 2801 with an 82.X.Y.Z ip from which i need to source my traffic to the H323 SP.

If I put the h323 voip bing command on the interface I'm not sourcing stuff to the SP with the 82.X.Y.Z address and it's not letting me out. If I put it to 82.X.Y.Z I can't go out to PSTN. What I did is to just leave it out but it turned out that when I'm not using it the router not always sources traffic with the right interface address.

If I ask my SP to change the connection to SIP and use a SIP trunk instead will I be able to have the h323 voip bind on the interface for PSTN connections and at the same time use the 82.X.Y.Z for SIP connectiviy?

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Re: 2801 IPIPGW with H323 and TDM GW

Hi sstoitsev,

I think that either with h323, or sip, the router _must_ source traffic with the right source just depending by the routing table. If it doesn't with a most recent IOS, and there is no configuration to make it do so, that would be a serious defect.

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