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2851 MGCP Getting FAX DID to work help!

I have the following:



FXS card (4) port.

(2) PRIs.

DIDs come in on the PRIs, working fine.

For the Fax DIDs, I have them coming in, then doing a translation pattern to a 3 digit. 16xx ---->6xx

The three digit number then goes a hunt pilot that is 6xx.

The Hunt group has the (4) FXS ports in it to the fax server.

The fax server is picking up the calls and taking the fax. But the 3digit 6xx is NOT coming through. I have gone up and down and can not figure out why. I can route it in CCM, but as soon as it leaves the FXS card, no 3 digit. I also do not know if it is actually handing 3 or 4 digits or no digits to the fax server. The fax server is some old unit that is hard to figure out what digits it is receiving.

Is there a standard template for for this type of setup? I cant be the first trying to do this.

Any tips would help.

0/3/0-3 are my FXS ports

New Member

Re: 2851 MGCP Getting FAX DID to work help!

Why the translation pattern? Why not assign the 16XX DN to the FXS port?

At any rate, plug an analog caller-id box into the fxs ports and make a call to see if you get caller-id out the FXS. If not, work backwards by starting with the translation pattern. Take an extra IP phone and give it the Dn of the hunt pilot (6xx) and see if the call comes in with caller-id. My assumption is that it will come through, this should isolate the issue to your hunt group. There are settings in both the Line Group and the Hunt Group sections that will effect caller-id.

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