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2n Helios IP Force - CUCM v9.1

Has anyone successfully connected the Helios IP Force in CUCM v9.1? I have the one-button model and have been unsuccessful getting the device to communicate with CP8945. I have probably every piece of documentation found online but I have yet to succeed. Does this device ever truly show as being registered in CUCM? Is this device like a softphone that never shows as being registered in CUCM.

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I have some Helios IP Varios

I have some Helios IP Varios that are working.   They do show up as registered.

I have a IP Force I have not setup yet, but its on my todo list

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Greetings,I'm wondering what


sorry for re-opening this discussion again, but I'm wondering what If I wanna use this solution to grant access to people in front of the door? How can I use the Cisco IP Phone for door control? Is it possible and do I need anything special or it's a native feature?

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Hi Team, I am also

Hi Team,


I am also implementing same, how can we use the phone to grant the access for door opening..

thanks in advance...

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Hi Guys,




anyone having issues like Rupesh:,

a small post i did about this topic:

read it and let me know if you still have specific questions after this

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You need to add IP Force as

You need to add IP Force as third party sip device advance in CUCM . Yes CUCM does support this Intercom , you can check on this link compatibility section.

Yes it will register with CUCM as SIP phone , you can check at this link.


If you still have problem , please send across snap shot of phone and cucm settings.





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Thank you, Manish. Please see

Thank you, Manish. Please see the attached snaps of my current config and let me know.

Did you created an End user

Did you created an End user in CUCM ? And applied that user on the phone "Digest user" section ?

Check the link above that i shared it will help you in creating an end user.

Also on the Authentication section of Helios IP Phone , please enable option "use authentication id" and the authentication id should be same as "User ID" and password would be same as "Digest Credentials" of the end user that you have created on CUCM.




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I have created the End User

I have created the End User in CUCM and applied the needed credentials as noted in the config document but the device does not register in CUCM but the status of Registration has chnaged from Unknown to Unregistered and the IP address is now shown in CUCM.

Can you reset the phone .

Can you reset the phone . From CUCM and also Helios IP phone.




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I've done that and that is

I've done that and that is when I received the new info in CUCM. The device seems like it's dialing but it does not connect to my phone. Could there be an issue with how I am populating the directory?

It should register first with

It should register first with CUCM then the directory section works.

If its still showing unregistered in CUCM then it will not able to dial any number. First we need to fix its registration issue , if every setting is done as per the documentation then we need to look at packet capture.

Please enable packet capture at IP phone port and send across logs , we need to look at what CUCM is responding back to REGISTER message sent by Helios.





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The device is finally

The device is finally registered. There are several options pertaining to End User in CUCM v9.1 that are new that need to be set. Probably most importantly the Device Association with the End User. Another issue I discovered was that in Directory I had the wrong domain entered. Once these items were corrected and the device was reset in CUCM and in the phone I was able to connect to my desk phone with video. I am in the process of creating a new document that covers CUCM v9.1 and will post it here. Thank you for your patience and assistance.

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Hi Carl, Did you ever write

Hi Carl,


Did you ever write up that document. We are going through the same thing here at the moment. Only thing that may be different about mine is that we are not using SIP authentication. I am not sure if it's a requirement to use SIP authentication or not, but I am told they're not using it and I know we aren't via the Digest Credentials.




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Scott,I'm not sure if SIP


I'm not sure if SIP authentication is required or not but that is how I configured our device. Please find attached an appended doc for the setup that we used. One other thing that was not mentioned anywhere was that it was necessary to follow the switch code with * when activating the switch from the phone. We are using a 8945 for this purpose.



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Thank you Carl, however we

Thank you Carl, however we managed to get it resolved in the end. I opted to use authentication instead. I found Manish' document above to be pretty much spot on. In addition to that, if your configuration on the IP Force Unit and CUCM are set up like Manish' document and you still have no registration, a reset of the IP Force unit did the trick for me.

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