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3 fax machines on two ATAs for 1 DID

I have 3 fax machines connected to two ATAs. Fax #1 has the published DID. Right now, If Fax #1 is busy, it forwards to Fax# 2, If Fax #2 is busy, It forwards to Fax # 3. Could I use a Hunt Pilot in this scenario or is the current configuration the best way to do it or is there a better way to configure this scenario?

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Re: 3 fax machines on two ATAs for 1 DID

Hi Thomas,

This is the BEST way to do this. I wouldn't even attempt to set up a Hunt Pilot with ATA's and don't know if its even possible. My Dad used to tell me "if it ain't broke don't fix it" :) The only thing that I would add but you probably already have is FNA from 1-2-3 just in case.

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Re: 3 fax machines on two ATAs for 1 DID

It really all depends on what you are tryin to accomplish. In your scenario, fax 1 will get the lions share of the work. If you are looking to make sure that all three fax machines are used equally, then yes, you can setup a hunt group and it is very easy to do. I would recommend setting the line group to circular if this is the case... There are several docs on Cisco's website explaining how to set this up should you decide to do so (dependent of what version of CCM you are running).

Be careful running Fax machines on ATAs... They are notorious for problems, even Cisco recommends the use of FXO interfaces now. An ATA has bad problems with some G3 implementations and I believe all Super G3.

Best of Luck to you,


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