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3 site CME integration

There's 3 sites. Every site has its own CME (running CUE per site).

My question is how do I get the sites to act as 1?

What I want is for there to be one directory. Right now there are three separate directories so if a extension/user is on one CME they cant see users in the directory from other CME's.

I'm also seeing that users cant transfer voicemails between sites. I think this problem is due to the directory issue.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Re: 3 site CME integration

If you want multiple sites to have a single directory, then you will have to have a site to host it.  This is fairly easy to do if you have a CCM server in the mix, but I've never tried it with three individual CMEs.

Alternatively, you could load the directory on each CME with the same data so that it would appear on each system.  If there is not a lot of churn in your users, this should be sufficient.

As far as transferring voicemails between CUE integrations, you will need to set up VPIM networking between the sites to get this to work.  It has nothing to do with the directory issue.

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Re: 3 site CME integration

I dont have a CCM so I'll look into the alternate solution.

When you say "load the directory" do you mean just add all the users to each CME?

I'm just asking how do you specifiacally do that?

I'll also have to research VPIM. If you have any links or info on that it would be very helpful.


Re: 3 site CME integration

CUE networking (IP based):

CME directories first:

and then do:


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