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hi guys

please advise about 350-030 voice written exam, for those who attended it, my question is after one covers all materials completely, how much will p4sure or atual tests cover from the exam (i know there are many questions in p4sure or AT with wrong answers) i mean are there more than 90% matches (for example) between written exam and p4sure or AT, or it is a different story?

by the way i have my own note on that written exam: i think there is no need for the written exam at all since all theory was covered in NP level and the lab is enough to test practical side, but unfortunetly, i can't reserver tha lab unless i have suceeded in 350-030!!

please advise


Re: 350-030

I'll be frank with you and you may not like the answer.

I don't think you should be asking those types of questions. Who cares how close they are to the exam? What if they were 110% like the questions on the exam? What good is that going to do you? Assuming you do pass. What are you going to do for the lab?

Put your time in and study / refresh your CCNP and CCVP materials. Take the exam once to see what's on it. Search inside yourself to see if you think you can attempt the written again with more studying or ask yourself if you should get more experience before trying again.

If you have to take the CCIE Voice written exam, say 5 times before you passed, then maybe you are not experienced enough to go for the lab. The written is a baseline for what you will have to configure in the LAB and you have to know it at the snap of a finger--COLD.

Or you will run out of time. This is where experience comes into play instead of memorizing test aids.

Anyways, good luck no matter what path you decide to take.

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