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3825 MGCP Transcoder is down

I am after advice regarding using a 3825 as a transcoder wih CCM 4.1 and MGCP

The 3825 is running on IOS 12.4(5a) with MGCP

The transcoder is configured on CCM as "Cisco IOS Media Termination Point"

Description and device name are the 3825 chassis MAC address.

The registration is unknown and the IP address field is blank

On the gateway the DSP shows as admin down

The gateway is up and is taking calls via the ISDN PRI no problem.

On the gateway Sh DSP Farm all results in

Admin State: DOWN, Oper Status: DOWN - Cause code: ADMIN_STATE_DOWN

Any advice on where I should start with this ?

Cisco Employee

Re: 3825 MGCP Transcoder is down

1st - Making sure shutdown is not in the dspfarm profile config.

You should see the IP address update even if there is a registration problem.

New Member

Re: 3825 MGCP Transcoder is down

We have the following entry

isdn switch-type primary-net5

voice-card 0

no dspfarm

no local-bypass

Sorry but I was told previously that it was not necesary to do any config in the gateway as CCM would download it via the MGCP config, is this not right ?

Super Bronze

Re: 3825 MGCP Transcoder is down


The router can download config from CallManager for things related to MGCP and gateway-type call processing.

Unfortunately you still need to manually configure the box for transcoding/conferencing and such.



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