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3905 and Hearing Aids?

Users with hearing aids are complaining that 3905 phones are a problem. Any else had this reported? I’ve sent it to the Cisco AM/SE.

The PDI Helpdesk confirmed the 3905 (SIP) meets the ADA specs in regards to 12dB gain , users with hearing aids are none the less complaining. They state it” requires them to hold the handset at odd angles”

3905 ADA Specs

Cisco IP Phones meets the FCC 68 requirements for volume gain of minimum of 12dB of gain from default factor setting. To achieve 20dB or greater, Cisco recommends using an inline amplifier,

From end user;

Hi Jason

We have heard from several clients that are having problems using the Cisco phones (3905) with a hearing aid.  Problems reported are as follows:
Volume somewhat adequate, but handset needs to be positioned at an awkward angle.
Hearing aid cuts off while using the phone.
"Feedback" on the hearing aid requiring adjustments of the client.  The feedback does not happen on the analog phone.

This is definitely an ADA issue that we need to have solved.  What does Cisco recommend to remedy the problem from an ADA compliancy perspective.




3905 and Hearing Aids?

As per the 3905's accessibility features the phone is FCC /ADA compliant:-

Having said this because of the wide variation in hearing aids and types of hearing loss the user may experience

a difference in sound quality.

If the sound quality is something that all users complain about then  you could report it here :-


Karthik Sivaram

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