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3rd party SIP phones and Advanced CM features ?


I have been able to register various 3rd party SIP phones with CM 5/6, but dont understand how I can invoke advanced features like "Meet-Me" & "Pick-UP" which

require softkeys.

The SIP profile has fields for these, but am I right in assuming that unless a third part sip phone sends those values in the SIP header, the feature will not be usable ?

If that is the case, then why does cisco support SIP endpoints, if the only endpoints supported are Cisco Phones ????

I would use SCCP anyday !!


Re: 3rd party SIP phones and Advanced CM features ?

Remember, SIP can mean different things. Granted if you had cisco phone that was SIP you would get the standard SIP features AND MeetMe, Pick-UP, etc. But if you had a third party SIP phone, you will get the standard SIP features.

I cant expect SIP do all these great things. SIP and SCCP are completely different. Each have their pros/cons. Certain environments will only use the basic SIP functions and the customer can save on not purchasing Cisco phones. Other environments may want to go completely SIP and have the added functions when using a Cisco Device.

anyways, this may or may not help out.

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Re: 3rd party SIP phones and Advanced CM features ?

Yes, you are correct.

However, I realised after posting, that some phones do provide Pickup and park facilities, and these are not through special SIP headers, but rather SIP interactions as defined in the URL below :-

For example Linksys SPA942 does support PickUP and Park (but I have yet to get it to interop with CM)

Also, the CM System guide does say that most features ARE supported if the endpoint supports some RFC's.

However, I am quite sure Cisco will not go through any lengths to provide help on interop with 3rd part devices for obvious reasons.

Its a shame because people migrating from other vendors PBX'es (eg. Asterisk) already have a lot of SIP hardware endpoints, but cannot use them efficiently with CM....



Re: 3rd party SIP phones and Advanced CM features ?

Well, the same goes for the MSFT devices. Their whole "SIP" protocol is slightly different than the ITF standard. They have added items into the SIP protocol for their advantage, but will not work anywhere else. Nor will their SIP trunks work to any other vendor. This is basically why call control within the SIP trunks do not work between MSFT and Cisco. MSFT probably figures if it can hold that above everyone long enough, they will get in the door at a few corps with their product. The big deal is that SIP Call Control in the trunks between OCS and Presence would be the nail in the coffin for MSFT. Companies could use the OCS IM application, and be able to transfer calls between CUCM and OCS or have one single extension between the systems. But with no SIP call control between the two products, its like having seperate end points and multiple extensions.


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