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3rd Party Telephony Toll Bypass via CUCM with MGCP voice gateway



PABX1 - 3rd party telephony system in Site 1
VG1 - old Cisco voice gateway router running as H323 gateway in Site 1
WAN - IPVPN link between PABX1 & VG1 in site 1 to CUCM2 &VG2 in site 2
CUCM2 - Cisco UC controlling VG2 via MGCP (Site 2)
VG2 - running on MGCP control by CUCM2 with E1 PRI line connected (Site2)

We have just installed CUCM2 v10.5 and a Cisco VG2(2901) in Site 2. The VG2 has an E1 PRI line and is control by CUCM via MGCP protocol.
Now they are link to Site 1 via IPVPN. In site 1, there is a 3rd party telephony system PABX1 and also 
an old Cisco voice gateway router connected. The PABX is connected to the VG1 via an E1 tie line.

MY question is, can phones on PABX1 make a long distance call by using VG2 (via PRI) for cost saving purpose? This is due to Site 1 and Site 2 is in different states.
Since the VG2 is running on MGCP, can the call still go out to PSTN for the PABX1 phone?


How about inter site calls between Site 1 phones and Site 2 phones ? I guess they still should work by enabling H323 on VG2?

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any reason why Vg2 is mgcp ,

any reason why Vg2 is mgcp , it would be easier if you have h.323 

if vg2 is h.323 , you can config a h.323 dial-peer from vg1 to Vg2 for making LD calls


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