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401 Unauthorized

Good day Gurus -

First I am newbie when it comes to SIP. So please be gentle!

We are trying to implement a 3rd party appliance to provide failover for data connections. I am not interested in SIP due to the fact that we have backup PRI lines. This is the issue I am facing.

ISP ------ CUBE --------CUCM

On 3rd party appliance - any IP's associated TCP/UDP on CUBE IP to ISP IP have been excluded. All calls will work except Long Distance Outbound. When dialing a long distance number, will receive fast busy. So local outbound, long distance inbound (local) will work with no issues. If we take the 3rd party out of the mix, of course LD will work. We have also "unplugged" PRI lines to rule out any issues. What is confusing, one would think a local/long distance call would follow the same authenication.

Any light would be helpful. I have included a snippit of config and calls placed. I placed a couple of calls before and after putting the appliance in place. Area Code 864 is local. 248 is number being dialed long distance.

Thanks for taking time to look.                  


Re: 401 Unauthorized

chris I had a look at the first incoming call into the CUBE, from your SUB, just disecting it 

Can you condense the debug output to just a successfull call and a failed call, and add the full config.



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Please remember to rate useful posts, by clicking on the stars below.

New Member

401 Unauthorized

I think this maybe a ASA issue - passing on to that side.

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