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5.1 Upgrade: Active vs. Inactive Partition

In a 2 server environment, 1st attempt at upgrading from to was rolled back to the original version of 5.1.2 after both the pub and sub were upgraded.

After a day of updates to the database, another attempt at upgrading the pub was performed successfully.

Question: Since the sub has the correct version on the inactive partition but wasn't activated, would the sub and pub be able to establish replication without upgrading the sub again? Upgrading the pub again is necessary because of the changes to the database, but can the inactive 5.1.3 version be used without re-upgrading the sub after the re-upgrade of the pub?


Re: 5.1 Upgrade: Active vs. Inactive Partition

I`m due to carry out the same upgrade, why was it rolled back any issues with it- thanks

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Re: 5.1 Upgrade: Active vs. Inactive Partition

We had an issue with a 7971 and got spooked. It turned out to be failed hardware on the one phone. This brought up the question though - since the upgrade had been performed on both pub & sub, but the partition hadn't been enabled. Perhaps it's only just an interesting research project, but at best it could be a method to limit the downtime during upgrades.

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