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6.1(2) DMA modExportDatabase=Failure

Any thoughts on the DMA modExportDatabase=Failure error

[09:28:20 AM] Validating exported Cisco CallManager database and directory data.

[09:28:20 AM] This can take a long time, depending on the size of the database and directory. Be patient.

[09:28:20 AM] Estimated time to complete data validation is about 52 minutes.

[09:28:20 AM] Accessing database...

[10:23:34 AM] modExportDatabase=Failure

[10:23:34 AM] Failed to complete database processing successfully.

[10:23:34 AM] Failed to validate Cisco CallManager database and directory exported data.

[10:23:34 AM] The exported data cannot be used for upgrade.

[10:23:34 AM] Correct the database and/or directory data and run DMA again.

[10:23:34 AM] Verification of DB in IDS failed. Retaining the TAR file as it is.

[10:23:34 AM] Building archive C:\didata\110208\DMAEXport110208\DMAExportFailed11-15-08#9-16.tar.

[10:25:18 AM] Archive built successfully.


Re: 6.1(2) DMA modExportDatabase=Failure

Investigate the datavalidation.log logfile located in c:\CiscoWebs\DMA\bin\, this should help identify what the exact error is:-


However, I have come across this bug CSCsg5643 which has some of the similarities reported:-

Essentially the datavalidation.log indicates that if failed to locate c:\CiscoWebs\DMA\bin\datavalidation.log modeExportDatabase=Failure

Is this evident in your log? The issue was caused by CSA blocking the export, and the workaround was to use the correct version.

Was CSA running when you ran the DMA? If you are, is it the latest?

Hope this helps.


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Re: 6.1(2) DMA modExportDatabase=Failure

CSA was disabled and not running. DMA was latest direct from, DataMigrationAssistant-6-1-2.exe

I had run upgrade assistant and DMA successfully two weeks ago, we just used that .tar file instead of troubleshooting. so I don't have the datavalidation.log file.

Re: 6.1(2) DMA modExportDatabase=Failure

It will be difficult to determine what the exact error why the DMA upgrade failed without being able to investigate either the datavalidation.log or the exportdb.log when the backup was taken. Is it possible to run the DMA again?

The following is a document which outlines a number of reasons why the DMA upgrade can fail, and the appropriate steps to resolve them:-

Hope this helps.


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Re: 6.1(2) DMA modExportDatabase=Failure

We are having the very same problem and errors. We are not running CSA currently. However, There is no datavalidation.log file in \bin nor is there an exportdb.log file in \bin. However there is an errordb.log in progfiles\cisco\trace\DMA\DB it is no more helpful than any of the other logs but it does reference a path of C:\DMARoot that is either not being created on our system or is being removed after the failure. Ideas?

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6.1(2) DMA modExportDatabase=Failure

I faced similar issue recently when running DMA on CER 1.3 ( dma 7.1.5 ) and i was getting same w1 validation error,there was not any CSA running and everything was good but it confused for a whole day till i realise that i have HP SNMP service running, after disabling the service i ran DMA and it was sucessful..

DO not leave any SNMP agent/service ON while you run course CSA should be disabled too.


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