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6.1 Hunt List not going to voicemail

Here is the set-up

Line Group Members:

8902001 thru 8902013

Hunt list:

Has the lg in it.

Hunt Pilot:


No Answer option:

Try next member but do not go to next group

Busy option:

Same as above

Not Available:

Stop Hunting

When a call comes in on 890204, it is set to broadcast all phones, then roll to general voicemail box, 890204 which is set up in CUE on site.

What is needed:

Calls hit pilot, when no answer or busy go to voicemail, which is the same number as the pilot?

Is this possible?

What needs to be done to get this to work?


CUCM 6.1 at HQ

2851 in SRST at Remote location with PRI for voice and Full T1 for WAN, running DMVPN - EIGRP

Been beating my head against a wall for 4 hours trying to get this to work the way it is suppose to!!! Able to use the Call Forward option to send the calls to another destination in the Pilot section, is this where I should be doing this at?


Re: 6.1 Hunt List not going to voicemail

Got it.

For some reason I did this earlier in the night and it did not work. Had a fellow CCIE on the phone from Cisco...Amazing guy...and he told me to do a few things, which is what I did earlier and much to my amazement it worked!

Here is it:

In the Hunt Forward Setting, under Hunt Pilot send the call to the VoiceMail CTI Route Point, then make sure you add the correct CSS that has access to the CTI Route Point and there you go!

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