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6608 Blade PRI Port Questions

What is the command to set a PRI port off 6608 blade to receive clocking from the line?

Also, if there is a partial PRI on a PRI port off 6608 blade, what is the command to determine what channels are "live"? Also, what command to determine if channels are comming in "ascending" or "descending".

thanks in advance,

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Re: 6608 Blade PRI Port Questions

Hi Jerry,

Hope all is well! Have a look at this good doc. The various settings are described in some detail. The clocking and Channel selection order are both done via CCM;

Hope this helps!


Re: 6608 Blade PRI Port Questions

The 6608 is controlled by MGCP from Call Manager, so some of this is configurable on the call manager side under the gateway config page.

Call Manager does not support partial PRIs; but you can go under service parameters for the call manager service, then advanced options and set which channels are in maintenance mode for up to 5 PRIs there. Search the forums for more details on this. If you click on the option in service parameters it will explain what to do also.

You can't control inbound calls and what order they come in, so no setting for the order of the channels as it doesn't matter. There is a setting for outbound call order on the gateway config page. There should be a setting there for clock source on the gateway config page in Call Manager.

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Re: 6608 Blade PRI Port Questions

I appreciate both of your responses. But for the CCIE lab one might be told that their is a partial PRI on the 6608 port. And one needs to find out which channels are coming in, and then go into CCM paramaters and zero out the non-valid channels.

So I need to find out on the 6608 exactly what command is needed to determine this. On an IOS router, there the show ISDN service shows this. There must be a similar command on the 6608?


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