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6911 Busy Trigger

I have a big problem with new ip phones 6911. I have a cluster installation of Unified Communication Manager 7.1 . I have a lot of 6911 installed and they work correctly but I can't set busy trigger to value 1. Anyone know a way to do this? My customer don't want have free tone when he is already at the phone.

Plese help

Thank you


Cisco Employee

Re: 6911 Busy Trigger

Hi Alberto,

The "Max Calls" and "Busy Trigger" fields are not able to be modified on 69XX series IP phones.  These are entry-level IP phones and do not have all the same capabilities as the 79XX, 89XX and 99XX series phones.

The data sheet for this product can be found at the link below:


New Member

Re: 6911 Busy Trigger

Thanks Matt,

I was running into the same issue. According to my research, the following is true regarding Call Waiting an the 69xx Series:

1. Call Waiting on multi-line Phones 6921, 6941, 6961 is disabled by default (Busy Trigger = 1) and can be enabled with a "hack":

2. Call Waiting on single-line Phones 6901, 6911 is enabled by default (Busy Trigger = 2) and can NOT be disabled whatsoever.

Two thoughts on that:

- Mentioning "call waiting" as a supported feature in the data sheets isn't exactly fair if the data sheets don't mention you can't disable it (6901, 6911)
  "The Cisco Unified IP Phone 6901 supports two incoming calls with call-waiting service"
- I would prefer having the default Busy Trigger set to 1 for the single-line phones. Will this eventually be changed/enhanced?


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