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6921 Maximum number of calls on CUCM 8.5.1


i have a CUCM BE 5000 version 8.5.1 and my 6921 phones are only able to recieve one call per line. if a second call comes in on that same line, it does not ring, but instead it goes to voicemail.


under the DN configuration there is following:

Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings on Device SEPXXXXXXXXXX
Maximum Number of Calls and Busy Triggers per Line are:
Maximum Number of Calls2
Busy Trigger1


 i am unable to change the above settings.


i did some reading on the community and got some conflicting answers where some says its the CUCM version and some says its the Phone load.


however, i am thinking that this is the actual DN configuration, so the phone load should not affect this... i could be wrong  though :)

my phone load version is : SCCP69xx.9-1-1-0

please guide me. thanks.


If memory serves, a device

If memory serves, a device pack enabled multiple calls per line on a 69xx phone.



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I was under the impression

I was under the impression that you required 8.6 and later for this, but doing some research, someone mentioned if you installed the SU3 (at that time) it would enable you to change the setting.

Probably the DevPack Gordon mentions might also have the code to change that in the DB



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Hi,Please have a look to


Please have a look to below link. Try to upgrade it 9.4. But i can not see any where mentioning that the caveats has been resolved in this firmware.

What is the current device pack installed?

For latest device pack you may refer below link

It was also metioned that this bug is resolved in CUCM 8.6 but as Jamie said you can also give a try with SU3. It may helps you



Nishant Savalia

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Hi Nishant, my phone load

Hi Nishant,


my phone load version is : SCCP69xx.9-1-1-0


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