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New Member

6941 only has Active and Standby Server

Customer has UCCM 7.1 with 6941

phones that are running firmware

The 6941 allows for only two server devices.

Active-Server and Standby server.  Customer has four "servers" available.

Sub1, Sub2, Pub, SRST Router.

Need to know if a firmware load is available to give customer what they request.

The Active-server and Standby servers fields on the 7961 phones is what customer

is requesting.  7961 has room for 1 active and 3 standby servers.

As always Thanks!


Re: 6941 only has Active and Standby Server

Have you tested to see if this affect the failover behavior of the phone?  In other words, it may be purely cosmetic with the 69XX and/or other new phones. The phone only keeps 2 active TCP connections (one primary, one secondary) so that may just be all that is displayed.  However, if you coordinated a test to failover a phone to it's tertiary CUCM (assuming it's listed in the CUCM group which would be key) then you could determine whether or not function is actually affected.


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New Member

Re: 6941 only has Active and Standby Server

Following test was performed

SUB1 disconnect from Ethernet port

SUB2 disconnect from Ethernet port

PUB   disconnect from Ethernet port

76XX phone registered with the SRST gateway.

6941 phones did not register with the SRST gateway.

New Member

Re: 6941 only has Active and Standby Server

I'm having this issue at two separate customers currently. Both are running UCM 7.13 and both are running 9.0.3 firmware on the 69xx phones. Under normal working conditions, the phones display an active and standby server. When forced to SRST, the router (29xx running 15.1.1T) shows the 69xx register. I can see it with the "debug ephone register" command. However, the 69xx phones still show "Phone not registered" and the active and standby server fields are blank.

I have a TAC case open right now and it has officially went to the dev group to review. As this happens, my customers get more frustrated.

If anyone else is running into this, please reply. Once I find a fix, I'll post it here.



Re: 6941 only has Active and Standby Server

I had a TAC case open on this, too - and today I heard from engineer:

I apologize for the delay involved in responding, I tried to recreate the issue at me end and see the same scenario. While further researching on this issue I found a document specific to the phone model specifying that it is gives an option for two servers, i.e: Active Server and Stand-by-Server.

For your reference, here is the link to the document: (user guide for 692/4/61)

me again - I had also seen the user guide, but when I looked in the phone admin guide for monitoring the 692/4/61, it showed

under network setup, CUCM 1-5, implying you got 5 servers:

TAC says that the admin guide is wrong, and they have it corrected in the 8.x doc, and will get it corrected in the other versions.

The user guide is correct, you only get two servers.  I guess this is because this is a lower end phone, and this is definitely

a substantial limitation!

Mary Beth


Re: 6941 only has Active and Standby Server

mlucas, I would bet you are running into a bug, even though your phone model is different - a sccp version mismatch between phone and IOS:

clipped from other forum discussion:

Just FYI to confirm the findings in this thread:

SRST8.0:  7937 with sccp version 17 would not register to SRST.

IP phones running firmware that uses sccp  version 17 can not register to SRST/CME-SRST or will register but not  obtain any lines.

SRST router  running 15.0(1)XA.  This is the first image with sccp version 17 support  for SRST.

Download the IP phone firmware  to a version that does not use sccp version 17.
For 79x1/5/2 phones  and 7970s this is 8.4 firmware.
For 7937 phones get a load prior to  1.4(1).


Mary Beth

New Member

Re: 6941 only has Active and Standby Server

Hi Mike,

  I am having the same issue with you. While testing SRST the phone displays "Phone not registered" even though the command "show ephone registered" show the 6941.

  Did you manage to solve it? Anything with TAC?



New Member

Re: 6941 only has Active and Standby Server

No, I was told that is the way the phone is designed. Would have to wait for another phone load.

I have not had a chance to pursue the issue.


Re: 6941 only has Active and Standby Server

Elias, that sounds like it might be the sccp version mismatch I mentioned above - the 'working as designed' piece of it is that you are only

allowed 2 places to register, so one CallManager server and one SRST router - if you have two servers in your list, you will never be able to point

to the the SRST reference, so phones will not fall back.  But, the SCCP version mismatch will cause the phone to not work, even if it knows about the SRST reference.

Mary Beth

New Member

Re: 6941 only has Active and Standby Server

Hi all,

  I managed to test it successfully yesterday. 


    2x CUCM 7.1.3

    Voice Gateway (CME SRST): 1861 with IOS version 15.1.3T

   IP Phone: 6941 with 9.1.1 load (released last Friday) and 9.0.3b (working with both)


  Having 2 CUCM on CM Group - Device Pool.

   On 6941 I have: Active-Server: UCM1 / Standby Server: UCM2

   Blocking connectivity to UCM1 the phone restart (take about 50') and re-registered to UCM2

   At this time on 6941 I have: Active-Server:UCM2 / Standby Server: SRST(IP Address of my VG)

   Blocking connectivity to UCM2 too, the phone restart again (take 10-20') and registered to SRST.

   When connectivity with UCM1&2 came back and after 2 minutes the phone registered back to UCM1 immediately.

  I think this is acceptable.

  Be sure that the IOS you are using is compatible with 6941. You should have IOS with CME-SRST version 8+.



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